ACT 4 Ukraine – Supplies for Odessa Hospital

ACT 4 UKRAINE – Supplies for Odessa Hospital


ACT 4 Ukraine initiative is gaining further momentum with more charitable actions on the Romanian border with Ukraine.
On 25 March the second batch of our humanitarian supplies was delivered to Odessa Region Children’s Hospital in Ukraine.

At the border crossing, ACT Romania volunteer met with Irina Metsker, a coordinator of Odessa City Council of Large Families. He handed over to her much need donation of 509 boxes of medicines, 102 kg of baby food, and 53 packages of baby diapers. This action was covered by the Ukrainian local media house. 

The entire ACT 4 Ukraine team would like to thank our partners and donors – Pharmacy Dr. Max from Timisoara, Romania, and Pharmacy Health from Vrsac, Serbia, who gave a big discount on medicines and baby food.
Big thank you to everyone who supported the initiative by donating funds for this action, especially ACT Serbia team.

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ACT 4 Ukraine team


ACT 4 Ukraine – UK Initiative In Moldova

ACT 4 UKRAINE – UK Initiative In Moldova

Dear all, we are happy to share with you the latest updates with regards to ACT 4 Ukraine – preparations are on the way for the big day, 24 March 2022, when our ACT/Mohanji Foundation minivan will leave to Moldova from London delivering aid.
Excitement is building up!

Our dear Jay Jeyaseelan (Chair of Mohanji ACT Foundation UK) and Vijay Ramanaidoo (Chair of Mohanji Foundation UK), together with the team of another charity TEECH with whom we are partnering for delivery of this aid, will be joining a convoy of lorries carrying tons of food, medical supplies, clothing and hospital equipment.

This trip will involve a 7 hour ferry trip to Holland, travel across Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania into Moldova. After a couple of days in Moldova, they will be travelling to Romania and will be joined by Mirčea and our ACT team from the Balkan region, as well as several other volunteers from UK. Together, they will work on creating a hub on the border of Ukraine and Romania, a focal point for all our ‘ACT 4 Ukraine’ volunteers.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us with donations of funds, food, clothing and medical supplies. We will ensure that this is distributed to the needy in Moldova and Romania.

Regular updates will be shared once the journey commences.

Call to action:

To volunteer at our ACT 4 UKRAINE hub at the Romanian-Ukrainian border, help us deliver aid or support the fundraising in any other way, please contact us on:

Any amount donated for this cause will be used for the same in its entirety. Donations can be sent to:

Join us in loving action no matter what!

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ACT 4 Ukraine News


At the times of crisis, TEAMWORK is the key! March 10th 2022 was a historic day on which Mohanji Foundation teams from the entire Balkan region joined hands as one ’Mohanji Balkans team’ and together with ACT Serbia, ACT Montenegro and newly formed ACT Foundation Romania organized a swift fundraising initiative in order to deliver much needed health supplies, diapers and food for the newborn babies at the Chernivtsi Regional Children’s Hospital in Ukraine.
This humanitarian action marked the beginning of ACT 4 UKRAINE – a joint initiative of ACT Foundation, Mohanji International Foundation and ACT 4 Hunger, in answer to the humanitarian crisis in and around Ukraine. Through ACT 4 UKRAINE, we dedicate ourselves to swift action, unconditional support to all who require aid, complete transparency, utmost efficiency and compassion beyond the boundaries of nationality, religion and other man-made barriers.

Our team chose Chernivtsi as the first recipient of aid because it is the only children’s hospital in the region that provides much needed emergency medical care for children. The hospital has 260 beds and specialises in paediatric surgery, neurosurgery and general paediatrics. Badly affected by the war in Ukraine, they ran out of medical supplies. It was time to ACT fast. ACT Serbia volunteer Mirčea, in agreement with the hospital director Pavlok Vasil Orestovic, met with doctors Olena Vlasova and Andjela at the Romanian-Ukrainian border and directly handed over the donation consisted of 83kg of baby food, 890 boxes of medicines and 39 packs of diapers.

Sincerity and dedication of individual ACT volunteers, coupled with the genuine teamwork spirit, is at the very heart of ACT.
Mirčea’s determination, 10 hours of travel to the border crossing and urgent coordination and fundraising among the Mohanji Balkans and ACT teams, made this swift action possible.
“We truly thank you for providing charitable assistance to newborns!” were the heartfelt words of gratitude from Ms. Vlasova Olena while bidding farewell to Mirčea.
We would like to express our gratitude to all donors and volunteers who participated in the organisation of this action, as well as the pharmacy Dr. Max from Timisoara in Romania whose support was simply amazing.
This is only the beginning of our joint humanitarian effort of supporting ALL who require help at the midst of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
Next step is to establish a humanitarian hub where food, clothing and medical care will be provided for all refugees from Ukraine at this border crossing. So do expect more updates from our end in the days to come.

Call to action:

To volunteer at our ACT 4 UKRAINE hub at the Romanian-Ukrainian border, help us deliver aid or support the fundraising in any other way, please contact us on:
Any amount donated for this cause will be used for the same in its entirety.

Donations can be sent to:

Join us in loving action no matter what!
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ACT 4 Ukraine


Due to the impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, many people are suffering terribly and refugees are pouring into neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Poland.

Our Mohanji platforms, Mohanji International Foundation, ACT Foundation and ACT 4 Hunger, are reaching out a helping hand, supporting all people affected by the crisis, regardless of their nationality, religion, etc.

We are working on the following projects:

1. Medical Supplies for the children’s hospital in Ukraine – Mirče, our ACT Serbia volunteer of Romanian origin, is taking a lead in organizing medical aid for a children’s hospital across the border in Ukraine. Our ACT teams are buying medical supplies in Romania, transporting them to the border and working with hospital teams to collect and use the supplies.

2. Establishing a humanitarian hub in Romania. Setting up a location from which to provide food, medical aid, shelter and other urgent aid to refugees crossing the border.

3. Provision of food, medicines & Toiletries for refugees on the Moldova Border – an ACT UK Partnership with TEECH (UK registered charity) providing food, medicine and toiletries for refugees coming from Ukraine into Moldova.

Our ACT UK team is collecting food and supplies which will be transported to Moldova by our ACT/MF van on 24th March and distributed on the ground.

4. Food for Life in Ukraine (ACT Partnership with ISKCON)

ACT is working with Bhakta Vladimir Koshelev from ISKCON to organise food deliveries (lentil, rice etc) directly to thousands of Ukrainian people stuck in the underground shelters in various cities.

5. Helping the vulnerable in Odessa, Ukraine. ACT is contacting various people on the ground in Ukraine to support children, single mothers and the disabled by providing baby food, medicine, and diapers.

6. Supporting animals & shelters in Ukraine. We have also received information that animals are being abandoned. We are reaching out to individuals in Ukraine to provide food to animals such as dogs, cats etc.

More updates will be shared as these projects and initiatives come to life.

Supporting these projects

If you would like to support any of these activities either as a volunteer or financially please reach out to us by email to

Donations may be sent to the Mohanji International Foundation using the following link:


(for food donation alone for Ukraine, choose the “Act4Hunger” option.

For any type of donation for Ukraine, choose the “ACT 4 Ukraine” option).

Alternatively, you can reach out to the head of Mohanji Foundation or ACT Foundation in your respective country. 💛💙💛💙

Thank you!