Join ACT Foundation to aid for refugees in Lebanon


Since the start of the recent Gaza conflict situation, ACT volunteers have looked at various ways to support victims of this situation. We have a team in Lebanon that has been supporting Palestinian refugees in camps in Beirut. We have offered hamper food bags and hygiene packs to many families and individuals and have also helped to improve living conditions by purchasing clothes and household appliances.

We found that the living conditions in the refugee camps are in many cases challenging the well-being of the camp residents, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is very common that whole families live together in just one room, the rooms themselves are at times not even larger than 1.5m2. We have seen houses without roof, leaking walls, mouldy furniture and in cases the sewage smell coming from the bathroom spreads across other living areas also.

In this crisis situation ACT Foundation mainly focused on Palestinian refugees, but if we came across extremely poor and underprivileged and/or disabled Lebanese families then we extended our support to these families also, especially as they at times have been living in inhumane conditions for nearly ten years.

We continue to work in refugee camps in Lebanon as this is a place where we have direct access to help victimized Palestinians, however we have been pro-actively looking for a way to support the people in Gaza itself as well, which is challenging with the current border restrictions.
All our volunteers offer their time with dedication and a big heart of compassion. We are the hands for people wanting to help from a distance and we turn donations into staple food items, essential hygiene products, clothes and other items that we find are needed by the direct contact of the conflict victims. All donations are directly used on the ground, to offer as much direct relief of the emergency circumstances for so many people. All our volunteers are unsalaried to ensure we optimize the use of donations.

For donations to support the aid effort we have a secure donation portal via Mohanji International Foundation at the following link (purpose – select the Humanitarian Projects option) :


All the funds will go towards refugee aid. To contact us please email

Thank you very much for your loving help and support.

With gratitude,

ACT Foundation (Team Lebanon)