Due to the impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, many people are suffering terribly and refugees are pouring into neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Poland.

Our Mohanji platforms, Mohanji International Foundation, ACT Foundation and ACT 4 Hunger, are reaching out a helping hand, supporting all people affected by the crisis, regardless of their nationality, religion, etc.

We are working on the following projects:

1. Medical Supplies for the children’s hospital in Ukraine – Mirče, our ACT Serbia volunteer of Romanian origin, is taking a lead in organizing medical aid for a children’s hospital across the border in Ukraine. Our ACT teams are buying medical supplies in Romania, transporting them to the border and working with hospital teams to collect and use the supplies.

2. Establishing a humanitarian hub in Romania. Setting up a location from which to provide food, medical aid, shelter and other urgent aid to refugees crossing the border.

3. Provision of food, medicines & Toiletries for refugees on the Moldova Border – an ACT UK Partnership with TEECH (UK registered charity) providing food, medicine and toiletries for refugees coming from Ukraine into Moldova.

Our ACT UK team is collecting food and supplies which will be transported to Moldova by our ACT/MF van on 24th March and distributed on the ground.

4. Food for Life in Ukraine (ACT Partnership with ISKCON)

ACT is working with Bhakta Vladimir Koshelev from ISKCON to organise food deliveries (lentil, rice etc) directly to thousands of Ukrainian people stuck in the underground shelters in various cities.

5. Helping the vulnerable in Odessa, Ukraine. ACT is contacting various people on the ground in Ukraine to support children, single mothers and the disabled by providing baby food, medicine, and diapers.

6. Supporting animals & shelters in Ukraine. We have also received information that animals are being abandoned. We are reaching out to individuals in Ukraine to provide food to animals such as dogs, cats etc.

More updates will be shared as these projects and initiatives come to life.

Supporting these projects

If you would like to support any of these activities either as a volunteer or financially please reach out to us by email to

Donations may be sent to the Mohanji International Foundation using the following link:


(for food donation alone for Ukraine, choose the “Act4Hunger” option.

For any type of donation for Ukraine, choose the “ACT 4 Ukraine” option).

Alternatively, you can reach out to the head of Mohanji Foundation or ACT Foundation in your respective country. 💛💙💛💙

Thank you!