Dear all,

You are probably aware of the post-earthquake doomsday reality in Turkey and Syria:

Overnight, 8,000+ people died, thousands still remain trapped under mountains of rubble and hundreds of thousands of people have been made homeless after two horrific earthquakes wreaked havoc. The first earthquake impacted Iran as well.

The next 72 hours are critical for rescue efforts.

The suffering of the affected people has been made worse by the bitterly cold conditions – thousands of people are currently outdoors in freezing cold.

ACT Foundation has contacts and volunteers locally, committed people who have been performing charitable activities in their respective countries.

As the authorities and specialist teams work to rescue people from the rubble, the next most urgent requirement is food, clothing, medicine, tents, blankets and heaters. ACT Foundation is currently sending immediate support through our volunteers on the ground, and other ACT volunteers who intend to travel to Turkey to help us distribute aid. Any support means a lot.

If you wish to support this initiative, please donate funds to the Mohanji International Foundation (purpose – choose the Disaster Relief option) via secure donation portal at the following link:


All the funds will go towards earthquake relief. To contact us please email

It is important to act fast – ACT now!

Thank you for your help and support.

May we serve and celebrate humanity together.

With gratitude,

ACT Foundation team