ACT President Devi Mohan Awarded Most Compassionate Woman of 21st Century

The Most Successful Entrepreneur of 21st Century Association, which has been awarding and recognizing the best of the best in various areas of life and work in Serbia and beyond, awarded our ACT Global President, Devi Mohan, with the prestigious “Most Compassionate Woman of 21st Century’ award in the category of humanitarian work.

Devi was nominated for this award by Dr. Olja Lopushansky who lives in Amsterdam and has won this award in a different category two years earlier.

As per the standard procedure, the Association then conducted a thorough research about Devi and, through a survey and popular vote, this award was given to Devi as a representative of hundreds of most dedicated, supremely selfless volunteers of ACT Foundation active in 29 countries.

In Devi’s words: “This indeed was a real ‘red carpet experience’ in Belgrade, Serbia.

I dedicate this award to all ACT Foundation volunteers, all selfless mothers serving from the background – as we expand our hearts and horizons, let us celebrate selflessness and manifest a true balance of masculine and feminine contribution in the world.

As a woman I therefore also dedicate this award to my beloved Mohanji, the Founder of ACT and my true support and inspiration, visible and invisible.

This was a truly unique experience. 20 people (men and women) from different walks of life (artists, actors, singers, sportsmen, musicians, traditional fashion designers, business entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, philantropists…) gathered at the glamorous Imperial Hall in Belgrade on 15 Dec 2023 to receive this extraordinary award.

This was a beautiful culmination of ACT Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration, which also took place in Serbia one month earlier.

Life is a miracle! There are no limits.”

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