Aid for Refugees in Lebanon


Since the start of the recent Gaza conflict situation, ACT volunteers have looked at various ways to support victims of this situation. We have a team in Lebanon that has been supporting Palestinian refugees in camps in Beirut. We have offered hamper food bags and hygiene packs to many families and individuals and have also helped to improve living conditions by purchasing clothes and household appliances.

We found that the living conditions in the refugee camps are in many cases challenging the well-being of the camp residents, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is very common that whole families live together in just one room, the rooms themselves are at times not even larger than 1.5m2. We have seen houses without roof, leaking walls, mouldy furniture and in cases the sewage smell coming from the bathroom spreads across other living areas also.

In this crisis situation ACT Foundation mainly focused on Palestinian refugees, but if we came across extremely poor and underprivileged and/or disabled Lebanese families then we extended our support to these families also, especially as they at times have been living in inhumane conditions for nearly ten years.

We continue to work in refugee camps in Lebanon as this is a place where we have direct access to help victimized Palestinians, however we have been pro-actively looking for a way to support the people in Gaza itself as well, which is challenging with the current border restrictions.
All our volunteers offer their time with dedication and a big heart of compassion. We are the hands for people wanting to help from a distance and we turn donations into staple food items, essential hygiene products, clothes and other items that we find are needed by the direct contact of the conflict victims. All donations are directly used on the ground, to offer as much direct relief of the emergency circumstances for so many people. All our volunteers are unsalaried to ensure we optimize the use of donations.

For donations to support the aid effort we have a secure donation portal via Mohanji International Foundation at the following link (purpose – select the Humanitarian Projects option) :


All the funds will go towards refugee aid. To contact us please email

Thank you very much for your loving help and support.

With gratitude,

ACT Foundation (Team Lebanon)


Earthquake Survivors Morocco


Dear family, most of us have seen the devastation caused by the earthquake in Morocco in the past few days.

The earthquake struck at around 11.11 p.m. local time (6.11 p.m ET) on Friday. Its epicenter was located in the High Atlas mountain range, about 72 kilometers (44.7 miles) southwest of Marrakech, a city of about 840,000 people.

Its impact was felt far and wide, reaching as far north as Casablanca. But it most severely damaged towns and villages near the base of the Atlas Mountains, while also ripping through the center and suburbs of Marrakech.

Over 2000 people have died with more under rubble and many thousands more injured. Food, water, clothing, tents and blankets are desperately needed as many people are homeless and sleeping outside to protect themselves from the aftershocks.

ACT Foundation is currently reaching out via our contacts to see who we can best work with to support our aid efforts. If you have any contact on the ground, anyone to suggest, please post in the group. A small team is gathering as we speak to travel out to Morocco.

Your help and support is desperately required. Please direct anyone who has contacts in the area or is willing to help to please email us on .

For donations to support the aid effort we have a secure donation portal via Mohanji International Foundation at the following link (purpose – select the ACT 20th Anniversary Projects option) :


All the funds will go towards earthquake relief. To contact us please email

Thank you very much for your loving help and support.

With gratitude,

ACT Foundation disaster relief team


Earthquake Survivors Turkey Syria Iran


Dear all,

You are probably aware of the post-earthquake doomsday reality in Turkey and Syria:

Overnight, 8,000+ people died, thousands still remain trapped under mountains of rubble and hundreds of thousands of people have been made homeless after two horrific earthquakes wreaked havoc. The first earthquake impacted Iran as well.

The next 72 hours are critical for rescue efforts.

The suffering of the affected people has been made worse by the bitterly cold conditions – thousands of people are currently outdoors in freezing cold.

ACT Foundation has contacts and volunteers locally, committed people who have been performing charitable activities in their respective countries.

As the authorities and specialist teams work to rescue people from the rubble, the next most urgent requirement is food, clothing, medicine, tents, blankets and heaters. ACT Foundation is currently sending immediate support through our volunteers on the ground, and other ACT volunteers who intend to travel to Turkey to help us distribute aid. Any support means a lot.

If you wish to support this initiative, please donate funds to the Mohanji International Foundation (purpose – choose the Disaster Relief option) via secure donation portal at the following link:


All the funds will go towards earthquake relief. To contact us please email

It is important to act fast – ACT now!

Thank you for your help and support.

May we serve and celebrate humanity together.

With gratitude,

ACT Foundation team


Empowerment Through Education

Empowerment Through Education 

In the midst of the global economy challenges, English learning has become critical for communication.

In this unique program, ACT Foundation joins forces with Nexos Communitarios and English Helper, with the aim of filling that void for children in Peru.

English Helper’s effective language learning will be integrated into the curriculum at 2 schools in Peru and will help 130 children.

We hope to reach out to many more children in the future.

Do join us for this pioneer program in Latin America. For only $40 for the entire year, you can ensure that one child learns English within that time and opens many doors of opportunity for a better future!

Join us in this groundbreaking initiative and create a better future for the underserved!

Thank you!


ACT 4 Ukraine


Due to the impact of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, many people are suffering terribly and refugees are pouring into neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Poland.

Our Mohanji platforms, Mohanji International Foundation, ACT Foundation and ACT 4 Hunger, are reaching out a helping hand, supporting all people affected by the crisis, regardless of their nationality, religion, etc.

We are working on the following projects:

1. Medical Supplies for the children’s hospital in Ukraine – Mirče, our ACT Serbia volunteer of Romanian origin, is taking a lead in organizing medical aid for a children’s hospital across the border in Ukraine. Our ACT teams are buying medical supplies in Romania, transporting them to the border and working with hospital teams to collect and use the supplies.

2. Establishing a humanitarian hub in Romania. Setting up a location from which to provide food, medical aid, shelter and other urgent aid to refugees crossing the border.

3. Provision of food, medicines & Toiletries for refugees on the Moldova Border – an ACT UK Partnership with TEECH (UK registered charity) providing food, medicine and toiletries for refugees coming from Ukraine into Moldova.

Our ACT UK team is collecting food and supplies which will be transported to Moldova by our ACT/MF van on 24th March and distributed on the ground.

4. Food for Life in Ukraine (ACT Partnership with ISKCON)

ACT is working with Bhakta Vladimir Koshelev from ISKCON to organise food deliveries (lentil, rice etc) directly to thousands of Ukrainian people stuck in the underground shelters in various cities.

5. Helping the vulnerable in Odessa, Ukraine. ACT is contacting various people on the ground in Ukraine to support children, single mothers and the disabled by providing baby food, medicine, and diapers.

6. Supporting animals & shelters in Ukraine. We have also received information that animals are being abandoned. We are reaching out to individuals in Ukraine to provide food to animals such as dogs, cats etc.

More updates will be shared as these projects and initiatives come to life.

Supporting these projects

If you would like to support any of these activities either as a volunteer or financially please reach out to us by email to

Donations may be sent to the Mohanji International Foundation using the following link:


(for food donation alone for Ukraine, choose the “Act4Hunger” option.

For any type of donation for Ukraine, choose the “ACT 4 Ukraine” option).

Alternatively, you can reach out to the head of Mohanji Foundation or ACT Foundation in your respective country. 💛💙💛💙

Thank you!


Peru Greenhouse

Dear friends of humanity, ACT Foundation teams from USA and Peru are thrilled to invite you to support this heart-expanding initiative: Greenhouses with coherent water for the indigenous Andean community in Peru. It has never been more important to extend our loving support to one another in the time of need. Empowerment and sustainable development is an especially wonderful way of helping the needy. The text and brief video from the below link will guide you into the details of this exciting initiative by ACT Foundation and Nexos Comunitarios from Peru, supported by ‘Water & Light’ company from Netherlands.

Donation Link –…

ACT also offers memorable gifts to all those who choose to support this amazing cause.

Welcome and thank you!

With love, Devi Mohan ACT Foundation President


Save Abandoned Babies in South Africa

ACT Foundation has offered support to Rock of Hope, a home for abandoned babies in South Africa.

It is incredibly sad and heartbreaking to hear how babies are left behind and abandoned or even sold.

The Rock of Hope team provides all they need and looks after little angels with a lot of love and care.

ACT Team is raising funds to provide help for these babies with all amenities like nappies, toiletries, and baby food.

So please join hands and ACT NOW.


Stand with Bharat