Peru Greenhouse

Dear friends of humanity, ACT Foundation teams from USA and Peru are thrilled to invite you to support this heart-expanding initiative: Greenhouses with coherent water for the indigenous Andean community in Peru. It has never been more important to extend our loving support to one another in the time of need. Empowerment and sustainable development is an especially wonderful way of helping the needy. The text and brief video from the below link will guide you into the details of this exciting initiative by ACT Foundation and Nexos Comunitarios from Peru, supported by ‘Water & Light’ company from Netherlands.

Donation Link –…

ACT also offers memorable gifts to all those who choose to support this amazing cause.

Welcome and thank you!

With love, Devi Mohan ACT Foundation President


Save Abandoned Babies in South Africa

ACT Foundation has offered support to Rock of Hope, a home for abandoned babies in South Africa.

It is incredibly sad and heartbreaking to hear how babies are left behind and abandoned or even sold.

The Rock of Hope team provides all they need and looks after little angels with a lot of love and care.

ACT Team is raising funds to provide help for these babies with all amenities like nappies, toiletries, and baby food.

So please join hands and ACT NOW.