ACT Foundation project history is mainly based on enormous disaster relief, community service programs, environmental projects, academic & empowerment projects, shelter and pet care support, and hunger extinction projects globally.

  • Large scale disaster relief projects (e.g. Philippine Typhoon relief effort by ACT USA team in 2013 and 2014, flood relief in Obrenovac area in Serbia in 2014; earthquake relief campaign in Nepal in 2015 led by ACT UK; Chennai relief initiative in 2015 by ACT USA and ongoing support of the Kani Tribals devastated by the Cyclone Ockhi in 2018)
  • Medium or small-scale projects such as regular feeding programs for the homeless and poor, blood donation camps, large-scale blanket distribution projects to street dwellers during winter, charity concerts, sponsored walks and other fundraising initiatives,
  • Environmental campaigns (garbage collection campaigns in parks, forests and mountain areas in Macedonia and UK, tree planting campaigns in Canada, educational workshops teaching children the importance of protecting the environment in South Africa, etc.)
  • Education and empowerment initiatives for the children and women from poor townships (e.g. ACT South Africa ensures education and transport of needy children from extremely poor conditions as part of early education development program “Africa Tikkun”; In 2017 ACT USA sponsored college education for needy girls and conducted Project Hope, an initiative to teach 18 young widows from Chennai, India life skills such as tailoring that will give them financial independence),
  • Support of shelters, orphanages and old age homes (e.g. ACT South Africa provides continuous supports to “The House”, a shelter for abandoned and abused girls; The flagship project of ACT SA is Bona Lesedi project in support of the Day Care Centre in Diepsloot near Bona Lesedi, a center for people with disabilities; ACT USA regularly supports the Embry Rucker Shelter in Reston, Virginia through donation in food and other items required. In 2017 ACT USA funded replacement of the flooring and ceiling of an old-age home in south India),
  • Support of animal shelters (ACT Serbia regularly supports dog shelter Budisava through food donation, monetary support and building material; ACT Croatia regularly supports stray animals and several animal shelters; ACT UK organizes food donation to a dog shelter in Wales once in two months, etc.)
  • Furthermore, ACT Foundation is dedicated to eradication of hunger on Earth. In 2017 alone 17100 meals were served and 500 big food packages given to the needy, 8 tons of food donated internationally, 8200 meals sponsored for the needy in India, 1000 kg of dog food delivered to dog shelters.

Till date, enthusiastic volunteers of ACT Croatia and ACT Macedonia regularly conduct cooking of delicious vegan food for the homeless, thus also promoting non-violence through the choice of food and distribution of the same;

ACT UK team members conduct bi-monthly collection of tons of dry food from Skanda Vale ashram in UK and transportation of the same to Mother Teresa Soup Kitchen in Southall.

ACT USA Youth Ambassadors (age 5-15) regularly organize monthly brown bag lunch drives to help the needy at homeless shelters.

ACT Canada team regularly provides vegetarian food to the homeless on the streets of Toronto. In 2015, as part of the global “ACT to stop hunger” campaign, ACT teams provided over 10,000 meals to the needy.