ACT4Ukraine constantly does charity work in Ukraine for the victims of the ongoing conflict. Twice this year, a team of volunteers went out to distribute food and supply other much-needed items.

On both occasions a lorry was sent over from the United Kingdom, totalling over 32 tonnes of food. A large part of this food was donated by Skanda Vale, consisting of basic staple foods, such as rice, pulses, salt, tea, sugar and tinned food.

We also received donations of adult diapers, for which we now have a routine delivery round of over 15 persons with severe disabilities.

To bring some festive cheer, on our winter delivery we distributed over 200 Christmas shoe boxes, made with so much care by school pupils and many other caring individuals. To see the love that was put into making these parcel boxes was absolutely a heart-melting experience and brought tears on many of the recipients’ faces. There were gift boxes for babies, young people and also adults and seniors and it was an absolute joy to hand over on behalf of those who offered them to ACT.

The food was delivered to a whole range of people, particularly those affected by the conflict situation. ACT4 Ukraine consistently offers family hamper bags to hundreds of displaced families. Also , it was around the tenth time that we visited poor elderly families in the Boyany area.

By carrying out home visits, we often come to realise other family needs. On various occasions we have supplied food blenders to support the carers of disabled persons who can only consume pureed foods.

Also we have found families to sit in the dark for long hours due to the frequent power cuts. To these families we supplied LED lights, bringing tremendous benefit, especially to a family which was struggling to spoon-feeding their disabled son in the pitch black darkness. Before, when power was back, they usually realised how many times the spoon had missed the boy’s mouth, resulting in food stains and wet clothes and much extra laundry for hand-washing. Clothing and blankets were also offered where needed.

On each visit to Ukraine, ACT returned to the Chernivtsi Disability Center, a very impressive governmental organisation which supports families with disabled young persons. We are only too glad we can contribute to their services by donating 15-kg hampers for all 170 families.

AcT4Ukraine delivered consistently in bulk too. We ensured that we cover a variety of institutions. Food donations of between 500 and 2000 kg each were delivered to general hospitals, children’s hospitals and psychiatry hospitals. Our food truck drove to orphanages and we delivered at both women’s and men’s psychiatry boarding institutions.

Street dogs were also fed. On our transit through Romania we visited and delivered food to a dog shelter were ACT4Animals has supported the upgrading of facilities.

The beauty of ACT4Ukraine is our consistency in delivering aid. Institutions know us as regulars and people are genuinely surprised we keep coming back. We deepen our connections and friendships, yet we broaden out each time too and visit new people and new places.

The home visits are so personal that we now find the doors always open for us and with gratitude we receive meals, fruit from their grape vines and walnuts from their walnut trees. True sharing from the heart, both ways!

ACT4UKRAINE has shown some core values of life:

Conviction that we can help;

Consistency by re-visiting regularly;

Connection to reach into the hearts.

ACT4Ukraine makes a real difference! Far beyond a food box to nurture the body, we share the goodness of humanity, to share and care, to exchange smiles, hold hands and face the hardship caused by the conflict together.

ACT 4 UKRAINE – Video Update

Please see this video of the amazing charity work in Ukraine done by our ACT volunteers.

Main highlights:

  • Inauguration of the ACT Foundation hub. 
  • 30 ton lorry full of food and toiletries sent. 
  • ACT Foundation Van bought. 
  • Washing and cooking equipment provided. 
  • Showers and toilets built. 
  • Playgrounds constructed. 
  • Meditation, Yoga, conscious dancing, conscious walking and Mai Tri sessions. 
  • More food, medicines and toiletries delivered. 
  • English tuition classes for children and adults. 

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Donations to support our work can be sent to: