“Respect 2021: Festival of Art and Music” is a fundraising event, organized by the World Consciousness Alliance to support two charity initiatives of ACT Foundation in Croatia and South Africa. This two-day event, starting on 29th August 2021, in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, aims to remind us of the highest values: respect, solidarity, and humanity.

The festival will gather musicians and artists whose performances and exhibitions will send a powerful message that we need to respect life itself – life in all forms on this planet.

We learned during the pandemic that we can’t live without respect and, that life has substance with art and music in it.

World Consciousness Alliance and ACT Foundation are inviting you to be a part of this festival, dedicated to the theme of RESPECT, to celebrate the highest human potential through music, comedy, and art.

Let’s uplift people and focus on our human strengths to unite, support, and respect each other and strengthen our sense of community. Any donation for the school supplies for children from Glina, heavily earthquake-affected area in Croatia, and people of South Africa caught in riots and violence to receive essentials and continue a normal life, is highly appreciated. You are welcome to support this beautiful imitatives through your donations, by participating in the auction on 29th August, spreading the word about the event or joining us at the concert in Dubrovnik on 30th August 2021 to be uplifted, inspired, entertained, and engulfed in the pure energy of genuine love and respect.