Our Mission & Vision

ACT Foundation is a global charity community which operates in a growing number of countries across all five continents of the world. ACT works to serve humanity, help the helpless, give dignity to the poor and give opportunities to the less fortunate.

The MISSION of ACT Foundation is to provide care for the less fortunate, alleviate all forms of poverty and protect the environment through direct action, education and empowerment.

ACT stands for Ammucare Charitable Trust. ACT is a charity that grew organically since 2003, with no membership fees and no sponsors. It was the family-like heart to heart bonding between members of each ACT team, love expressed in action and deeper understanding of the importance of selfless service, that made ACT what it is today – a worldwide movement caring for all life on earth, transcending all man-made barriers of race, class, gender, religion, politics and species.

The VISION of ACT is to create a better world through loving and selfless service that uplifts and transforms both the giver and the receiver.

The key to fulfilling this vision is a dedicated global community of service-driven individuals who are able to reach out to the needy at every nook and corner of our planet.

ACT members and volunteers make it a point to deliver the aid directly into the hands of the needy, interacting with the needy heart-to-heart, as well as to inspire others to come out of the stress-induced lethargy and experience the beauty of social service.

ACT Foundation is thus all about the flowering of humanity through love, compassion and caring for all life on earth, expressed through action.

The charity’s causes and projects are wide and varied, encompassing small initiatives led by an individual or small group, to larger projects carried out in partnership with other organizations. Size is irrelevant because every ACT, whether small or large, local or global, counts.

“One positive ACT a day” is the main slogan of ACT Foundation. Through small steps with utmost commitment, leading by our own example, we embrace the world.

Five Pillars of ACT Foundation


ACT teams around the world donate freshly cooked and/or non-perishable vegan food, i.e. the food without any violence or bloodshed in its production, food that is beyond any religious barrier. Serving to appease hunger is considered one of the highest forms of selfless service.

In words of Mohanji, the Founder of ACT, “To the hungry, food is God!”
Food donations are made under the banner of a larger global platform ACT4Hunger. This global platform, inspired by Mohanji, is dedicated to serving food to the needy and underprivileged. The motto of this brand is “food beyond boundaries”, in recognition of the fact that hunger is a universal emotion and is felt by humans and other species


The relief of people in need worldwide, either generally or individually, through the provision of education, training and skills, resulting in empowerment of the needy through education and skill development, is one of the main objectives of ACT Foundation.

The goal of equipping the young generations with the skills and resources to fulfill their potential, even in the face of mounting global challenges, lies at the heart of ACT Foundation’s approach to building a better world.


ACT Foundation assists the needy in rebuilding and repairing homes, especially after natural calamities or armed conflicts. Delivery of blankets and winter clothing to the homeless or people in the poverty-stricken areas is another example of ACT Foundation’s contribution in this area.


The relief of sickness and preservation of health among the sick and poor worldwide, as well as the prevention of illness through provision of hygiene and sanitary items is one of the main objectives of ACT Foundation.


ACT Foundation is dedicated to protecting the environment. Tree planting drives, campaigns for removal of trash from beaches, forests and river beds, educational workshops teaching children the importance of protecting the environment are examples of some of the environment-related initiatives conducted by ACT Foundation teams globally.

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