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ACT Day, November 9th 2020

On the special day of ACT Foundation November 9, 2020, you are welcome to join our team globally, through any small ACT of kindness that you are able to perform, within the circumstances prevailing due to COVID-19. All you need to do is print a sticker or a small sign of ACT logo, pin it to your clothes or hold it in your hand. Take a photo of yourself during your small charity initiative and in this manner you may share  your ACT of kindness with us.

Please email us your photo – (if you live in India, please email your photo and short text to

You will be included in the presentation of our global celebration of this special day. May all of us experience the joy of selfless service ! ACT Team.

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Recent Events & Highlights

ACT Foundation and Act4Hunger recently reached out to the indigenous people of the Yawanawa tribe from the Amazonian forest through their head and spiritual healer, the amazing Waxy… 

Against all the odds, our ACT USA team, supported by dear Mirela Polich from Peru and Tanja Cvetek originally from Serbia, who offered the much needed service of translation into Portugese, we were able to get this purchase and delivery of much needed food organized and conducted with much flexibility and patience.   

Our heart goes out to all the Amazonian tribes who are facing many challenges during Covid times. As their usual sources of income have drastically reduced, they have started facing hunger and the transportation cost via boats has skyrocketed. These amazing people pray for all of us and support the lungs of Mother Earth – they more than deserve our support in these trying times.

It was a great experience to speak to the radiant Waxy via Zoom (sharing a screenshot of her amazing smile during that session) and learn more about their tribe and way of life. Regardless of the challenges, they remain positive and trust in Mother Nature. Such smile can come only from an expanded heart filled with faith and surrender.

For more information about the Yawanawa tribe and their current situation, pls scroll down to the English part of this page:

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