The House Group’s ACT Youth Ambassadors visit Irwin’s Dog Shelter

ACT South Africa: The House Group’s ACT Youth Ambassadors visit
Irwin’s Dog Shelter

Written by Judith Muller

The most noticeable and profound change occurs in life when we learn to give unconditionally. It opens up the flood gates of creation and teaches the natural flow of life aside from feeling really good.
The House Group has five very special young ladies who have joined the ACT Foundation as Youth Ambassadors.
Their project entails community service to three predetermined charitable organizations for the foreseeable future.
On Saturday 31 May, the House Group’s ACT Youth Ambassadors visited Irwin’s Dog Shelter in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg, to extend material and moral support.

Irwin’s Dog Shelter was taken over by new management in 2012 when 1400 dogs were found in appalling condition.
Many of the animals had to be put down and others were taken to alternative shelters where they could receive better care.
What remains today is a well-run, clean, wholesome environment for 370 dogs.
Tanya who runs the shelter says the most important message to the public is to sterilize animals to prevent unwanted litters. There are 370 beautiful dogs to choose from at the Walkerville facility and the public is encouraged to adopt a pet from a shelter to give it a loving home.

Feeding and caring for such a large number of dogs is an expensive and labour intensive affair.
The ACT Youth Ambassadors, of their own accord, collected items for sale to raise money for the shelter. Irwin’s management and staff were overjoyed by the presence of the girls, their gifts of food and blankets for the animals and a small token of appreciation for each of the staff members.

Irwin’s will remain one of our pet projects and the ACT Youth Ambassadors will continue to support them bi-monthly with donations and assistance in walking and caring for the animals.
We are very proud of the enthusiasm and commitment displayed by these children who have very little in life themselves. We wish to thank Tanya and the staff at Irwin’s Dog Shelter for their warm reception and enthusiasm in showing the children around. The girls enjoyed the lovely interaction with the dogs and had a fun day.
Well done girls!
In June the House Group Act Youth Ambassadors will be focusing their attention on baby care and they are looking forward to working in collaboration with the Lioness Club of Edenvale, Johannesburg in visiting needy mothers with new born children in hospital. The girls will be presenting the mums with care packs for mum and baby.