New Year ACT-ion “The Home for children and youth with special needs” in Veternik, Serbia.

A beautiful New Year ACT-ion marked the season holidays as we bid farewell to 2015. On Dec 22nd 2015 ACT Serbia team visited “The Home for children and youth with special needs” in Veternik, Serbia.

Thanks to our sister organisation ACT USA who supported this initiative, individual donations from various people of good will from Serbia and a truly generous donation from Ms. Marina Mandić (who provided 25 big New Year packets filled with sweets and snacks), we were able to buy truly beautiful educational toys for each child. :-)
As per the feedback from “The Home” staff about the most urgent requirements, donations were also used to provide a substantial amount of much needed personal hygiene items for the grownup members of “The Home” who are immobile.
One more unique donation added to the joy of the children – Ms. Marina Stante donated the Omnibox House-Castle made of quality cardboard for children’s active play.

Special thanks goes to the amazing team of animators and actors led by Slavice Poletanović Toth who took time out of their tight schedule to volunteer for this event and bring smiles to the children with their stunning Christmas performance with Santa. That was a perfect way of wishing these sweet children a Happy New Year. Thank you Nataša Petrović Đurendić, Nađa Elsa Maksić and Aleksandar Đurendić. This was a truly blissful teamwork experience that expanded our hearts and made us grateful for being in a position to serve the needy children who were so overwhelmingly happy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.