Lives Touched by Multiple ACTs of Kindness in South Africa

On 23rd February, the birthday of Mohanji, the founder of ACT, there were multiple selfless activities in South Africa, as he considers touching lives with unconditional love the best gift.

Dog and Cat care at the Irwin’s Animal Centre, Johannesburg
A whole day spent walking, playing with, and feeding the animals at the Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre.

In the “Spirit of Sharing” – Durban, South Africa
Serving of food and distribution of clothing items to the poor.

Care for the elderly at Verulam day and Frail Care Center
A half a day at Verulam day and frail care center was spent with the elderly. 


Dogs and cats care at the Irwin’s Animal Rescue Centre, Johannesburg
Irwin’s Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organisation that takes in all unwanted, tortured, sick and lost dogs and cats.

Because of ACT’s mission to nurture true concern and love for animals, we have decided, with the help of friend Abigail, to spend the day walking, playing with, and feeding the animals.

To quote our sister Sulosh, it was a bitter-sweet experience. When we entered the gate to the cages, there was an instinctive excitement in all the cages, of which there are many! It was as though the dogs knew that something was going to happen. They barked and yelped with joy, jumping the fences, wagging their tails and just generally making a racket!

We walked the dogs down the road, or rather the dogs walked us! We had to sprint to keep up with them, they were beyond excited and pulled us along with sheer joy at a moment’s freedom to run.

Mitesh was the only one that could really keep up, speedwise, haha. The rest of us oldies hopped along as best we could, it was laughable!! This was the joyful part of the day for us.

After that we just walked through all the cages, to interact with the dogs. They all pressed themselves right up against the fences, just to be stroked and loved and spoken to. They just couldn’t get enough.

But it was when we looked into their eyes, that we all felt like sobbing. Without exception, each of them were pleading. Those eyes were saying: “Please take me, please love me…..” Its impossible to convey this here in writing. Many little paws reached out through the fences, to be held and touched.

We also took some food, and fed them little treats – frankly, they were more interested in us than the food – another sad sight to behold.

Some of them were so over-excited, a few even managed to jump over the fences! One doggy was so besides himself, he kept jumping into his water container, in and out, in and out – it was just mud all over him – what fun…

We intend doing more regular visits there, to help the amazing staff and the wonderful work they’re doing.

By touching lives with kindness, we made our day richer. All was inspired by unconditional love and we thank life for the opportunity.


ACT Foundation (South Africa)


“In the Spirit of Sharing” – Durban, South Africa

By Vishal Mothilall

In commemoration of Shri Mohanji’s advent as an opportunity to spread love through the serving of food and distribution of clothing items. A blessed experience to bring smiles onto the faces of children as they gleam in happiness. Thank you for the guidance.



Care for the elderly at Verulam day and Frail Care Center

By Sulosh Pillay

We spent half of this special day at Verulam day and frail care center. It was a bittersweet experience whilst we were grateful to spend time with these wise old souls. We were silent witness to such sorrow and pain, with not one of us coming away with dry eyes. We gave each person a bag, a bath towel, a pen, toiletries and hand sanitizes amidst ” Thank you Ma God will bless You”. One old mum clutched my hand and pleaded with me with tears streaming down her face to ask her children to take her back home in her words, ” Ma I don’t know where I am, this is not my room, I live in Springtown please, I take my both hands to you, please ask my son to take me back home ma, I won’t be a nuisence to them”, one old mum held onto Kesh and Irene’s hand and sobbed while she recounted her sad tale” and she said “I am  waiting for my  son who said he would see me on Friday but he has not come yet, my one daughter lives in  Pretoria and my big daughter lives down the road from here but they don’t come to see me, I also have a grandson who lives and works nearby and even he has not come to see me” others mechanically thanked us and had a far away look in their eyes, still others just wanted us to hold their hand while they told us of their aches and pain, just in need of someone to listen to them. Such disintegration in our family lives was very painful to witness. We need to look after our elderly they once were the only source of love and stability to us yet now they are discarded as old shoes! Maybe it is impossible to care for some yet we do have the ability to at least visit and show our unconditional love, that can’t be much to ask for!

As Mohanji, the founder of ACT says, “This is just man created suffering.” We can’t remain silent and pretend all is well, we need to take a stand and each one take one and spend some time visiting these beautiful souls and give them some place in the Sun. We are grateful for inspiration to Serve, Serve and Serve, this is what this life’s journey is all about. We don’t necessarily need money for this but sometimes we just need to BE THERE for others! What a heart wrenching day but yet what a blessed day! May we grasp back our humanity and serve all living Beings because We are Them and They are Us we cannot be in blissful ignorance amidst so much loneliness. While we having so much fun let’s not forget the lonely ones, their only desire is to be loved.