Aid for the Collective Center in Obrenovac Municipality

Dear all,
As you have had the opportunity to read on our web site and the Facebook page, ACT Serbia has launched a campaign to help victims of the floods that ravished Serbia and the region in the month of May 2014. Right after the floods, ACT Serbia team promptly responded and organized two flood relief actions, while our main flood relief is planned for June 29th. During this charity initiative we aim to provide substantial help to nine families with children from Obrenovac municipality, families that literally lost everything during the floods and are lacking basic life conditions.

On 19 June 2014 ACT Serbia team visited a collective centre in the military barracks near Obrenovac where around 300 evacuated people, including 45 children, have been provided temporary shelter during the floods.
ACT Serbia team was shocked to see their life conditions in this collective centre, which are far from decent, lacking basic sanitary conditions. A major problem at present is the lack of cooked food. Due to poor sanitary conditions, they are unable to prepare hot meals. These people are eating sardines and pate daily for the last one month.

Lack of personal hygiene and overall hygiene of the premises in which they reside is greatly humiliating for people who used to lead normal lives in their homes.
During our initiative on 19 June , ACT Serbia team delivered 1000 liters of water (courtesy of grocery store Tonchi), 650 servings of ready-made food and 100 gallons of concentrate for the disinfection of rooms of this collective centre.

To further improve the living conditions at the centre, the following is urgently required:
A generator of 12 kw, which would allow for the preparation of cooked food for the victims of the floods at the collective centre
A water heater of at least 80 liters to allow for their basic hygiene

With your support we hope to provide these much needed utilities at the earliest or during our next initiative on 29 June.
At the military camps, ACT Serbia team members were greeted by the Deputy Mayor of Obrenovac, Mr. Ivan Jegorovic, who thanked us and offered his help and support.
The completion of the June campaign is planned for Sunday, 29. 06. 2014. on which you will be informed.
We thank everyone who supported and continues to support ACT Serbia in our endeavour to help the helpless, to uplift and inspire the needy.

Written by:
Aleksandra Kivela i Izabela Jovović
ACT Serbia