ACT/Ammucare day on 9 November 2015 -celebrated globally

November 9 is a special day for ACT/Ammucare globally. On this day ACT teams around the world and Ammucare teams across India traditionally celebrate the spirit of Ammu through many selfless service initiatives, mainly focusing on fulfilling wishes of the needy children and bringing smiles to their beautiful faces.

The very first such initiative happened on 9 November 2003 in Delhi, India by Shaju and Bindu. Mohanji, the founder of ACT, said: “At this moment, I gratefully remember the contribution and commitment of our sister and companion Bindu who left us a few months ago in 2015. All the lives she touched positively during her time on earth will shower her with grace. Life becomes complete only when we live it selflessly. Life is worth it when we live for others. A selfish life is the worst one can have during a human incarnation. Thanks to each one of you who made ACT a shining beacon of light in the world. May compassion rule every heart. May the world be peaceful. Endless Love, Mohanji”

Here is the brief overview of all the beautiful ACT initiatives on 9 November 2015.

–       ACT South Africa:

a)     At Shumbashaba, ACT/Ammucare Day was celebrated through a feast for 80 needy children who joyously gathered to celebrate. There where 3 big pots of pasta and soup, along with chocolate brownies and muffins, juices and fruit.

The wish of 40 children came true as ACT SA donated top speakers and docking station for music that will be used for dancing lessons and drama lessons. They are starting next weekend with lessons but had an immediate impromptu dance class kicking.

a)     ACT/Ammucare Day was celebrated in a beautiful way at the Good Hope Centre in Durban.

ACT SA team in Durban donated gardening tools/ seedlings/pot plant holders/bird feeders which the children will be using to start their own vegetable garden. They will be each given a patch to plant their vegetables, which in turn will help them as well by providing sustainable food for everybody. They will also organize a prize for the best garden patch. The children are overjoyed and really motivated! The other items that were donated include: curtains/cupboards/rugs/blinds/lamp shades/crockery/toys and fresh vegetables.

–  ACT Serbia team organized a visit to Children’s shelter in Novi Sad and showered the children with love through toys, sweets, colored pencils and hygiene products. On this special day, ACT Serbia team went all out to spread the joy among the children who do not have the privilege to enjoy the warmth of parental home.

–       ACT UK team, as part of their food aid programme with Skanda Vale, distributed 800 kg of rice, oil, chapati flour, beans, pulses and vegetables to Mother Teresa home for their soup kitchen as well as to help some poor families that they support. This was very well received by the sisters in time for the cold period and Xmas. A further 800 kg of rice was collected to be given to refugee relief to go to Ghana and the Balkan regions. In addition, the ACT UK team purchased 500 kg of tinned food to feed poor in Moldova. This will be distributed via a charity called TEECH who work in Moldova to build toilets and school facilities in very poor areas. ACT UK team members met the trustees of TEECH during their recent trip to Kosovo as they were fellow volunteers.

–      ACT Foundation USA  brought smiles to 120 children in India through their generous donations for toys, entertainment and food for the children of Mohanji ka Aangan in Jammu, India (more about this event in the text below).

ACT USA and Mohanji USA teams also distributed sandwiches, fruits and juices to the local Community Shelter in Washington where a number of people come during the course of the day for food and shelter.

–       ACT Macedonia team chose to celebrate this special day by helping the refugees from Syria with warm winter clothes, hygiene items and food. Their experiences with the Syrian children were truly touching.

–       In Australia, first ever ACT initiative (blood donation) was conducted on ACT/Ammucare day – we look forward to the blossoming of ACT in Australia!

–       In Dubai, UAE, ACT volunteers kick-started a monthly Food Donation program at a local labor camp thus marking the occasion of the ACT/Ammucare day. Food donation will be happening every first Friday of the month (as Friday is weekend in UAE). The volunteers intend to serve upto 100 people in a month in the labor camps. Great job and a true ACT of kindness!

Mohanji, the founder of ACT and Devi Mohan, global President of ACT, celebrated ACT/Ammucare day at the Mohanji ka Aangan children’s centre in Jammu, India by distributing various toys for 120 joyous boys and girls which was a fulfillment of their wishes. They also shared the colorful cakes with the children and shared the joy. Aside from the toys, the children were treated with lunch packets from Madhuban restaurant and a lovely entertainment program (a puppet show) that brought even more smiles to these sweet needy children. Special thanks to ACT Foundation USA and the generous donors from the US who made this initiative at Mohanji ka Aangan possible.