ACT UK – Two tons of food aid collected and sent to the refugees in Greece

Over the past 8 to 10 months there has been a mass migration of people from war-torn areas such as Syria, Iran and other neighboring areas into Greece. Their stories have unfortunately become a familiar sight on our TV screens, newspapers and other media. These people are all moving for their own safety and trying to start a new life. They are in great need of help.

Hope and Aid Direct (charity founded by Charles Storer MBE ) got in touch with Mohanji ACT Foundation requesting help for some food aid which they will be delivering by truck to distribute to the migrants in Greece that are in desperate need of the food.
The charity requested dry foods and tinned food. Our ACT UK team had a short time frame to collect this food as the aid lorry is scheduled to leave UK soon  (in mid May 2016).  We are pleased to say that together with the help of Skanda Vale Ashram in Wales and the Sathya Sai Organisation in the UK, our ACT UK team was able to collect 2 tons of food (2000 kg)! This food was collected and stored by Jay who is one of our ACT UK volunteers.
On 5 May the food was loaded into the truck ready for transport to Greece.
Mohanji, the founder of ACT, happened to be in the UK on a short trip and helped our ACT UK team to load the goods onto the truck.
This is a beautiful collaborative effort between Hope and Aid direct,  Mohanji ACT Foundation, Sathya Sai organisation and Skanda Vale all joining hands together. We hope to be able to help many more people by joining hands in selfless service.

With love and gratitude,

Vijay Ramanaidoo
Mohanji ACT Foundation, UK