ACT UK Sent Aid to Serbia for Flood Relief

Written by Vijay Ramanaidoo (Rajesh)

As some of you may know, for the past 16 months Mohanji ACT Foundation UK has been working with a charity called refugee relief by giving them rice (750 kg at a time) from Skanda Vale’s food aid programme for distribution to poor areas in the Balkan areas such as Moldova, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania and also in Gambia, Phillipines etc. Refugee Relief has been operating for many years and receives many goods donated from companies and individuals who want to donate to refugees and people affected by disasters in various parts of the world. When we heard of the floods in Serbia we immediately contacted the main Trustee, Bob who agreed to give us some of the goods from refugee relief’s stores.

Yesterday we hired a van and took 750 kg of rice that we had collected last week from Skanda Vale to the refugee relief warehouse. This rice was immediately packed in vans for a team from the charity TEECH that was going to Moldova (picture of TEECH volunteers attached) on an aid programme.

We then collected various goods that were desperately needed in Serbia from Refugee Relief’s stores and delivered them to the Serbian Embassy in London which was arranging free transport to the Red Cross centres in Serbia by Air Serbia and also by road freight.

In summary the goods collected and given to the Serbian Embassy by Mohanji ACT Foundation UK volunteers yesterday are as follows:

4608 nappies (192 X 24 packs)
270 Kg of pasta (15 X 18 Kg bags)
96 boxes of latex disposable gloves
120 bottles of Dettol
108 pairs of new trainers (sports shoes)
20 new Blankets
2000 new socks
28 new hoodies for girls
40 new flip flops
126 containers of disposable wipes

The total value of these items is in excess of £4,500.

The Serbian embassy officials at the embassy were extremely grateful for this help and they all came and helped us to unload the van. They also served us refreshments and wanted to find out more about Mohanji ACT Foundation and Fondacija ‘ACT Foundation’ in Serbia. We exchanged details and they took some pictures which they may put on their web page for the relief effort. We also explored the possibility of perhaps working through the Embassy in the future especially for transport of goods to Serbia.

All in all It was a wonderful day yesterday and it was so wonderful to see how many people are working together in order to support the poor and disadvantaged throughout the world!