ACT UK – Clothes Donation for 92 Families in the village Arumugathankulam

Mohanji ACT UK in cooperation with Sri Lanka Thanniyoottu Sai Centre distributed sarees and clothes from Skanda Vale. This project is a collaboration between Mohanji ACT Foundation and The Skanda Vale Ashram in South Wales which was founded by Guru Subramanium who himself was from Sri Lanka. The clothes are actually from Skanda Vale and Mohanji ACT Foundation facilitated the transport, storage and shipping of the items, says our ACT UK team member, Vijay Ramanaidoo.

Mr Ragunathapillai from Sri Lanka Thanniyoottu Sai Centre says, “We are happy to inform you that by Bhagavan’s Grace, part of the sarees and clothes donated by the Skanda Vale ashram in South Wales were distributed on 13.11.2014 to a remote village called Arumugathankulam. The number of families benefited is 92.

The Chairman of the Thanniyoottu Sai Centre participated in the event. Also, the Grama Sevaka, a village level Govt. Officer, in charge of the area, was present, and she has certified the distribution list.

The villagers were very happy to receive this and they were informed that this Gift is fromSkanda Vale Ashram, South Wales, UK, assisted by Mohanji ACT Foundation, UK.
We have identified another two villages to distribute the balance sarees etc. which will be done as early as possible.

The Thanniyoottu Sai Centre, once again thank the Skanda Vale Ashram, Mohanji ACT Foundation, and all involved in this Charity work. We are indeed grateful to all.”

Happiness could not be hidden…