ACT to Stop Hunger Initiatives Globally Celebrating Mohanji’s Birthday

23 Feb 2015, 50th birthday of Mohanji, the founder of ACT, was a true milestone. Global initiatives of food/meal distribution to the needy were like flowers of Love that kept blooming:


It was our honor and great pleasure to have Mohanji join ACT Serbia team for the first ACT to Stop Hunger initiative in Serbia..

It was a truly wonderful day which started with first ever Kriya initiation in Serbia conducted by Mohanji early in the morning. The food seva in a poor township called Bangladesh (located in the outskirts of Novi Sad) was scheduled for noon time. The morning was grey and rainy, we heard the township was very muddy, and the meteorological forecast for the day was heavy rains. However, Mohanji said he will ensure that clouds disperse and the sun shines. And so it happened – by the time we went for the food seva, it was warm and sunny! When we arrived to Bangladesh township we were initially shocked by seeing the appalling life conditions that 81 families who live there have to endure. ACT Foundation Serbia organized 81 food packs for all the families, which included essential ingredients like flour, rice, oil, sugar and some biscuits. We also arranged for a big box full of toys for the children. It was especially beautiful to have Mohanji with us on the very first ACT to stop hunger initiative in Serbia. We hope to be able to do many more.
It was truly touching to see such beautiful children living literally in the mud. They were so grateful for the toys they received. In the true spirit of ACT we delivered the aid straight into the hands of the needy.



Soup Kitchen in Johannesburg

ACT Youth Ambassadors of The House Group did Soup Kitchen in Johannesburg on 21st (Soweto) and 23rd (Hillbrow) Feb to feed about 300 Hungry people.
In words of Milica (who was part of the organising team): “There was so many lets call it coincidences which I know they are not that made everything run so perfectly and I call it Mohanji effect. I felt his presence even before I left my home. The best part was when a van pulled up with older people who couldn’t walk well and after them a lot of kids came who looked like they didn’t have a warm meal in a long time or clean clothes.” Our contact on the community was not well and we could not get hold of him, we made a few calls and eventually reached the right people. All throughout we had a feeling that all was happening for a good reason and it turned out to be true… Because of the slight delay and confusion, we ended up meeting a beautiful man named Victor who was kind enough to lend us a space in his factory complex in which we conducted the soup kitchen. He also contributed some food hampers, and fruit to the day. Many thanks to everyone who participated and contributed.



The Irwin Dog Shelter in Johannesburg



Phelophepa eye clinic

“We pledged 108 gift of sight and 108 school kits, our 108 school kits left some little ones looking sad to have been excluded so we decided to increase the amount of school kits so all junior students would receive one. Today 108 people benefited with the gift of sight in honor of Mohanji’s birthday celebration on board Phelophepa eye clinic…Thank You to operations manager Thabi Mzee Makhaye for facilitating the initiative also thanks to Anna Mokwena Train Manager and to the acct. Eye Clinic Manager Bheki Mendlula and most important those souls that allowed us to serve them! Students got school kits in honor of Guruji’s birthday today! Thank You Guruji for allowing us to be instruments on Your behalf. Blessings always! Feeling so Blessed!” , says Sulosh Pillai




Food for 700 old people in Chennai

In celebration of 50 years of unconditional love, over 700 elderly and homeless destitute people were fed a sumptuous lunch at Little Drops Home in Chennai by ACT USA. The inmates have no family to care for them or neglected by their family, left without any kind of support system to care for their physical, emotional, and healthcare needs. Hungry and homeless, they endure illness, widow discrimination, abuse, and severe physical affliction from life lived on the streets.


Food for 125 people in Virginia

ACT Foundation USA fed 125 people at the Embry Rucker shelter in Virginia. 50 hygiene packages of essential supplies were distributed, containing a hand towel, a pair of thick socks, tooth paste, tooth brush, body wash, vaseline for the cold weather, and body lotion.



1) On 28th February 2015, ACT Foundation UK made a food aid trip to Skanda Vale ashram where we hired a two ton van and drove a 500 mile round trip to collect 1500 kilos of food such as lentils, rice, flour, sugar, tea, beans etc. About 650 kilos were distributed to Mother Teresa homes in order to serve food to the homeless and support very poor families in the UK. The approximate quantity of foodstuff received from Skanda Vale for delivery to the Mother Teresa home in Southall, Refugee Relief and for Hope and AID direct (who will be using this food for their food aid project in Montenegro this Easter) was as follows:

  • 550 Kg of rice
  • 150 Kg of Chapatti flour
  • 650 Kg of assorted dahls and Lentils
  • 100 Kg of Chick Pea tins (packets)
  • 50 Kg of tinned chick peas
  • 20 Kg of Ghee tins

About 650 kg of food (rice, flour, pulses, beans, daals, ghee and salt) was delivered to the Mother Teresa home in Southall. The food items were very well received by the Sisters who use them for the soup kitchen (daily feeding of the homeless) and also for supporting very poor families who approach them for food to cook at home.

2) In addition to this, the ACT UK team have been approached by a charity called Hope and Direct who wanted to take 10,000 kilos of food to support Roma families in Montenegro who are living in appalling conditions. We have collected some contributions like oil and pasta, along with purchasing items in bulk. The team hired a van on 28th Feb and deliver to their location so that they can take this on their trip scheduled for 28th March.

We have collaborated with a charity called Hope and AID direct to provide food aid to help the poor Roma families in Montenegro. They asked us for assistance in providing food for a project to Montenegro and Kosovo to help them with a project to take a ten ton convoy of aid to the Konik refugee camp in Montenegro on 28/03/2015. This is a camp for Roma families displaced from Kosovo nearly twenty years ago. The situation there is desparate, and well described in this article Their main source of food supply is no longer forthcoming and so they approached us to see if we could help by providing the following items: Pasta (Penne and spaghetti pasta), tinned beans (lentils, chick peas, kidney beans), biscuits, oil and toiletries (bars soap, shampoo and toothpaste). We donated the following to them:

Food collected To go to Montenegro refugee camp
Chickpeas tins – 81.6 KG

Red kidney beans tins – 8.8 KG

Other tinned items – 5.3 KG
Red lentil bags – 200 KG
Chana, Toor, Urid and Moong dal bags – 250 KG
Pasta – 104 KG
Spaghetti – 13 KG
Biscuits – 12.5 KG
Toiletries – 17 KG
Oil – 10.5 L (10.5 KG)
Total – 702.7 KG

This food will be collected next week for their food run to Montenegro on 28/03/2015.

3) We also collected food that was donated to us by people attending the Power of Purity meditation sessions. The food collected will be distributed as follows:
We will donate about 250 kg of rice to Refugee Relief. They are a charity who we have been working with for a couple of years. They in turn support a variety of charities who bring food to Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Modova and other countries in the Balkan areas.



Our ACT Canada Team, Neha and Nilesh Parekh with other volunteers donated food to the needy.