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ACT South Africa, 27 Apr 2017

With the colder, rainy weather approaching, ACT South Africa team have decided to embark on a new project of making mats for the homeless and street dwellers. This is a wonderful project which will cost you nothing more than some of your time.

We will be using used plastic shopping bags which are damaging to the environment to make plastic mats. All you need is no 12 crochet hook and instructional video that we made to learn the technique. This is a fantastic way of ensuring that these plastic bags do not end up polluting our beautiful Mother earth and also ensuring that the homeless can be a little more comfortable during the cold and wet seasons. These mats are plastic and can be dried and reused.

It’s a lovely act as it costs you nothing more than your old plastic bags and your time.
Few of our centers have started crocheting including children in one primary school.
Here are some photos. If you would like an instructional video or join us in making mats let us know.