ACT Serbia Visited Obrenovac Again

“ACT Foundation” in Serbia (ACT Serbia) again visited Obrenovac and brought help to the families in need.

We went to Obrenovac on August, 31, instead of August,10, as was planned. Since people are slowly forgetting May floods and the damage they caused, raising donations is now the hardest part of our job. Therefore, ACT Serbia would foremost like to express their gratitude to the donors- wonderful, compassionate people that followed our work and showed us trust. Without them, our actions would not be possible. In this action of helping those affected by floods in Obrenovac, donors were:
– Dragana Bojovic 5.000 din
– Milan Vasic, Canada 500 CAD
– INDAS d.o.o. 60.000 din
– Nikola Papric 13.000 din
– Marija Kovachevic & SOS for Serbia from Barcelona (Jovana Samardžić, bendovi: “Feta trio”, “Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra”, “Kaleido”, “Solid” i Fred Guzzo) 770 eur
– Biljana Mohan (donation of several people from Oman) 26.800 din
– Tamara Bobic 8.100 din
– Priti Rupee Bhardwaj 14.300 din Great Britain
– humanitarian hot-pot with MC Cruisers Belgrade 32.135 din

From the collected money we managed to provide laminate, beds with mattresses, cradle with a mattress for a baby, wood stove and the plumbing equipment to the following families: Neshic, Vujic, Brankovic, Emina, Zivkovic, Stefanovic, Ilic, Zazic, Kovachevic, Niciforovic i Vuchkovic. ACT Serbia will focus all their activities in the next period towards raising the aids for the families affected in floods. Winter is coming. People are forgetting those that need help. Join ACT Serbia. Lets help together. The little we give, means a lot to them.

Coordinator of action to help those affected by floods

Aleksandra Kivela