ACT Serbia – 3rd flood relief initiative in Obrenovac

On 16 Nov ACT Serbia team visited the city Obrenovac, one of the most affected areas during the severe floods in Serbia and Bosnia in May 2014.

After careful selection and direct contact with the most affected families from Obrenovac, aside from the aid that was donated (440 m2 of laminate flooring, oven, fridge, beds, mats, wall paint, winter clothes, etc.) the ACT Serbia team shared the smiles, compassion and gratitude with the recipients of the aid.

This was a truly memorable experience – on the faces of the recipients of aid we could see a lot of pain and sadness due to their situation, but also joy and endless gratitude in those moments when they received the aid that would change their experience of the upcoming winter.

ACT Serbia team would like to use this opportunity to thank all the donors, all the wonderful people who granted us their trust and supported this wonderful initiative.


– Company  “Q-Sphere” from UK, donated 1.000,00 euro,
– ACT Foundation USA, donated 1.000,00 US$,
– Donations collected during Power of Purity meditation in Novi Sad and Belgrade, 300 euro
– Snežana Jovanović Popov, 100 euro
– Snežana Vlahović 3.000,00 dinara
– Maja Otović 2,500,00 dinara

ACT Serbia also thanks the company “Laminat” (wooden flooring) on the discount they gave us, company “Atiup Komerc” from Belgrade on discount they gave on all the beds we purchased and free transportation of the same to Obrenovac, as well as the companies “AS GIPS” and “Indas” on their support in transportation and handover of the laminate flooring in Obrenovac.

Local TV “MAG” covered the event beautifully and sincerely:

Teamwork and beautiful energy marked this ACT-ion.

Photos speak more than words about the joy our team experienced – the unique joy of expanded heart and overall elevation that enriches our lives, a true reward of selfless service amplified by teamwork.

Do join all our selfless ACT-ions and let us join forces to help those to whom, in that moment of time, our help and support means everything…

With love,

ACT Serbia team