ACT joins ‘Hope and Aid Direct’ charity from UK to help the needy in Kosovo, October 2015

ACT UK (Mohanji ACT Foundation) and ACT Serbia (Fondacija ‘ACT Foundation’) volunteers travel to Kosovo on 19 October to join hands with a reputable charity from UK – Hope and Aid Direct ( ) whose main motto “We take aid not sides” resonated instantly with ACT Foundation team.

More than 10 tons of aid will be distributed to Roma, Serbian, Albanian and other needy recipients in the 12 of the worst Collective Centres in Mitrovica Region, as well as to many other locations in the Gnjilane Region in SE Kosovo. A convoy of Hope and Aid Direct trucks filled with food will be reaching Kosovo on 18 October and will complete this noble task by 26 October.

Over the past couple of weeks ACT Foundation volunteers from UK have been collecting tins of vegetables and beans from donors and packed them into 77 boxes each weighing approximately 25 Kgs. The total weight of food collected was approximately 2 tons!  The boxes were loaded onto a truck for temporary storage in a warehouse in Bath before they leave for Kosovo on 16 October.

ACT UK and ACT Serbia volunteers are about to leave for Kosovo with the Hope and Aid Direct team in order to help unpack the trucks, arrange the food in a warehouse and start the food distribution. ACT team congratulates our volunteers and members on their dedication and exemplary spirit of service.