ACT in 2013

Dear friends,

What a fantastic year is now behind us! I would like to start this New Year Eve 2014 sharing with a beautiful quote from Mohanji, the founder of ACT:

“Fresh water fills into the well when a bucket removes some water from it. When we give, Grace fills in…”
Experience of this Grace rooted in Supreme Love is what gives real juice to life – and this is what ACT is all about. We are here to uplift, inspire, share the joy and expand our hearts and awareness as we serve selflessly across the globe.

Year 2013 was a true milestone for ACT – as ACT USA, ACT Serbia and ACT Macedonia started up, following the footsteps of ACT UK and ACT South Africa; we witnessed many new ACT service projects mushrooming in the spirit of love and exemplary teamwork.

To find out more about some beautiful ACTs of loving kindness that are now behind us, please visit our Projects page

Mentioning each and every ACT charity initiative in 2013 would be too long of a report, but allow me to highlight the following two milestone initiatives:
1) In the spirit of service and love crossing all man-made barriers, ACT was the first charity that reached out to the ostracized Roma community in Novi Sad, Serbia.


ACT Serbia team decided to help Dimovic family in particular, who live in a house scrapped from leftovers of bricks and mud, by providing them with essential food items, clothing, an oven and sufficient supply of wood for the winter. Here is a beautiful sharing about this most loving charity initiative.

2) The Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) wreaked havoc in the Philippines, took more than 6,000 lives and destroyed the homes of more than 16 million people in early Nov 2013. ACT ventured into a quick disaster relief initiative via ACT USA, committed to assist the people affected in the Philippines in whichever way possible and to ensure the aid routed via ACT reaches the needy effectively. Viji Sagar, President of ACT USA and Mohanji, the founder of ACT, found a quick solution to the problem of unsupervised aid not reaching the needy. A young man from USA Jordan Shenk was appointed as ACT Ambassador for Philippines and flew to the Philippines in early Nov 2013. He played a key role in gathering a group of young and enthusiastic Filipinos in order to start the hands-on relief work as soon as possible.

Cristina and Sam from Cebu City were especially committed in helping ACT reach out to the needy. After smaller food distribution initiatives, they ventured to Ormoc and carried 350 kilograms of rice and 100s of apples and oranges. ACT was the 1st charity to deliver aid in heavily hit SS Village near Ormoc in early Dec 2013, feeding 275 families with nutritious lunch packs.

With your help we hope to continue ACT’s service initiatives in the Philippines and reach out to many more who are in dire need of help.

Aside from all these wonderful charity projects, the year 2013 was marked by two amazing ACT Fusion concerts, both organized for the benefit of children with Autism, which set the benchmark for the future of ACT.

First was our ACT Fusion charity concert in Durban, in Sept 2013 – elegant and loving, marked by sheer Grace manifested through amazing last-minute synchronicities that made everything fall into place just perfectly a day before the concert! It filled us with indescribable joy and wander. The concert itself truly touched our hearts – we simply flowed with it as we watched one amazing performance after the other and celebrated the beauty of art crossing all the racial, national, social and other barriers. How amazing that Divine arranged for this first ACT Fusion concert to spread these beautiful vibes in a country with a long history of division and conflict.

The second was ACT Fusion concert in Gurgaon (near Delhi), organized by our sister charity Ammucare in India on 9 Nov 2013, marking the 13th anniversary of Ammucare Charitable Trust.

I would like to honor this experience through a more elaborate sharing.

I was invited to attend as the representative of ACT Foundation globally and felt truly blessed to be able to experience the uniquely loving touch that Mother India gave to ACT’s work. This concert was completely different – it did not have the note of luxury, refinement and slight formality that we saw in South Africa but a real family-like feeling, intense celebration and so much love. It was especially beautiful to witness how the new President of Ammucare, Sakshi Gupta, honored the amazing work that her predecessor – Mohanji’s father, Dr. P.K. Namboodiri , did so beautifully and diligently. New generations honoring the old and wise and bringing fresh energy and enthusiasm is definitely the right way forward.

Performances came straight from the heart and carried us into the depth of compassion and togetherness. Performers at the ACT Fusion in Gurgaon were varied but all exceptional. Luiza Formenius, the renowned soprano who graced our ACT Fusion concert in Durban, supported ACT Fusion once again and enchanted the audience with her performance. Aside from Opera, we saw beautiful dance performances by Jump United Street Jazz & Hip Hop Dance Group, enjoyed several trendy hip hop songs from handsome Girik Aman and in the end all really let go when the Sufi band led by Lucky Nagi rocked the stage and had everybody jumping and dancing. The chief guest, Dr. Kishore (Rtd Deputy Commissioner, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) conducted an amazing talk with profound insights aimed at spreading the awareness about the existence and management of Autism. Our host, comedian who played the role of an MC – Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, kept the atmosphere lively throughout the concert.

Two performances that really touched my heart were:

– a beautiful depiction of feelings of an autistic child, enacted through dance by an amazing performer called Shiva
– Luiza Formenius’ rendition of Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en Rose’, which she dedicated to her Mom (seated in the audience) and ‘all those who have experienced Love’ – they way she said that was so beautiful, it brought instant goosebumps, as did the song that she performed so beautifully, from the heart.

Our Ammucare team will be posting some of the videos from the concert on You Tube soon.

Yet, what touched my heart the most was the amazing teamwork among the Ammucare team members – the glow in the eyes of some of the main team members present on this photo speaks volumes. This kind of joy and radiance becomes visible only when we serve

Love and activate the Divine spark within us.

All in all, thank you for joining us on this journey of Love expressed through direct ACTion.
Let Love, pure and unconditional, be your main yardstick as you assume responsibility for creating your own reality by consciously choosing thoughts, words and actions rooted in Love. You will then start releasing (from your individual energy blueprint and consequently your physical reality) all that is not of Love, all that doesn’t serve you any longer. Become aware! Come into your potency! Choose what YOU want to energize in your life, whom YOU want to associate with.

If you choose Love expressed ever so powerfully through selfless service, we welcome you to ACT in any way in which you feel you could contribute. We welcome new ideas, new ways of reaching out to the needy, donations, helping hands in carrying out our existing projects (even if that includes a mere act of spreading the word about ACT) – connect with us, contribute in your own way and invite this beautiful energy into your inner space and your physical reality.

ACT now and discover the secret of happiness in the joy of selfless service!