ACT Foundation globally in the year 2017


Dear friends of ACT, as the President of ACT Foundation globally, I must say that looking back at the year 2017 I am really impressed and proud of our ACT team globally: In total, 17100 meals were served and 500 big food packages given to the needy, 8 tonnes of food donated internationally, 8200 meals sponsored for the needy in India, 1000 kg of dog food delivered to a dog shelter, plus many beautiful initiatives were done, such as empowerment projects (tailoring centre opened for needy women, college education sponsored for children, transportation to school provided for needy children enabling their studies), environmental campaigns (garbage cleaning campaign in Macedonia, tree planting campaign in Canada), blood donation drives, innovative fundraising campaigns (Christmas gift wrapping and fun night, sponsored walks, snack stalls), distribution of blankets to the needy, etc. – indeed, the year 2017 was a truly memorable milestone for ACT.

With the aim to do even more service in the New Year 2018, I would like to welcome ACT Croatia to our global team and to extend gratitude to all those who supported ACT in any way. Special thanks goes to all our team members on their commitment and love and deep gratitude to Mohanji, the founder of ACT, on his constant blessing and inspiration to serve more with the right attitude and right understanding of just how blessed we are to be in a position to serve.

Happy New Year to all,

Devi Mohan


  • In 2017 ACT Foundation SA had an amazing year of selfless service in various parts of the country. Service initiatives in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Knysna took place on a regular basis with an aggregate of 12,700 meals served! This is definitely ACT SA’s record thus far.
  • ACT SA’s biggest long-term project is feeding of the needy children at Shumbashaba (which offers a safe and fun environment for children aged between 3 and 15). At this location every Saturday a hot vegan meal is served to around 200 children.
  • In 2017, ACT SA took the next step and organized special events with more kids being fed. These events included Frog day, Special Olympics, ACT Day, World Environment Day, and the annual Christmas party where 300 kids were treated to jumping castles, live music and a DJ, as well as school bags with essentials and party packs for all 300 kids. ACT SA also worked closely with two other organisations, Roots and Shoots and Wotif Trust, to teach the kids different skills such as gardening, colouring and painting, sports, and basic life skills
  • ACT SA regularly supports Jenny’s Soup Kitchen. In terms of feeding the poor, ACT SA teams also served freshly prepared vegetarian meals regularly in: Pretoria, at the Ivory Park Community Centre, Johannesburg, located in a very poor township; in Randburg where hot meals are served to needy at the Refilwe Centre in Johannesburg North; at Centurion Centre where guards and homeless are fed every week, at the Girls Shelter in Berea, Johannesburg; at an old age home called Tswelopele Frail Care in Hillbrow, Johannesburg; in Annlin West Pretoria and at the Knysna centre, especially during the devastating fires in this area.
  • Education support initiative: ACT SA is sponsoring the transport for 35 under-privileged school children from the poorest townships and/or street children. ACT SA is working with Africa Tikkun to make this possible with a donation from ACT SA being 2000 rands every month. This enables the children to attend school thus allowing them an education which they otherwise would not be able to receive.
  • ACT SA Durban Team along with Datta Tapovan ashram in Durban has been tremendous in their efforts with supporting in many areas of need throughout their community. Durban had experienced devastating floods in early October 2017 with mainly the poor and destitute left hopeless. ACT SA immediately acted and received numerous donations and support from within and outside the country. 200 food parcels were distributed along with 100 blankets and school shoes for the kids affected by the floods. ACT SA Durban team also supported Wyebank crèche on regular basis, Stanger centre, Mahatma school, Senior Citizens home, Adult Special Needs Centre and Durban Mental Home, at the City Hall and out on the streets during a thunderstorm.

All ACT SA service initiatives are an extremely heart-warming and special experience for all!

ACT UK (Mohanji ACT Foundation)

  • In 2017 ACT UK team members fed 560 homeless people by cooking food 16 times at Mother Teresa Home in Southall.
  • 8 Tonnes of food were collected as a result of 5 trips to Skanda Vale temple and then delivered to the needy in UK, Serbia, Croatia, Moldova and African countries
  • 715 Sarees were collected and distributed to the underprivileged ladies in Sri Lanka
  • Special fundraising events for the Skanda Vale Hospice were carried out by setting up all day snack stalls in Skanda Vale temple for 3 weekends in the Summer of 2017.
  • 9 fundraising events were held, such as snack stalls in various functions, sponsored walk, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas fun night and Yoga.
  • Funds raised were used for supporting:
    • Bangalore slum children with Ammucare, India
    • Manav Seva Samiti for Ugadi Seva in Kurnool, India
    • Dhanding project in Nepal
    • ACT Serbia for food and grocery distribution to the underprivileged and a dog shelter
    • ACT South Africa for storm relief and education of poor children
    • ACT USA for their relief activity of the cyclone victims in Tamil Nadu, India
    • Toiletries and under garments for the homeless in Southall, UK
    • Grenfell Tower fire victims UK

All these activities were made possible by the selfless service from our ACT UK volunteers, a small family with a large heart and complete conviction.


  • 290 New Year packages delivered to needy children along with entertainment by animators
  • 210 big food and hygiene item packages delivered to 210 needy families, along with 40 big sacks full of clothing items for children and adults, blankets, etc.
  • washing machine and a stove delivered to a needy family in Zitiste
  • a stove for a needy Roma family in Novi Sad, along with help with paperwork for social aid and kindergarten registration
  • 1000 kg of dog food delivered to the dog shelter Budisava

30 children from poor townships brought to a beautiful indoor kids zone to play and feast on food and sweets, having the time of their lives!


  • 800 freshly cooked vegan food packages delivered to the homeless and needy in Macedonia along with help with hygiene items, clothing and toys
  • Blood donation event
  • Environmental campaign – garbage clean-up in the mountain Vodno area


  • 1200 jam and peanut butter sandwiches served to the homeless people in downtown Toronto
  • 250 winter clothing items collected and distributed to the homeless people in downtown Toronto

35 trees planted and many birds fed


  • Tailoring centre opened in India which benefitted 17 women from poor townships
  • 8200 meals sponsored in India, 85 children fed and given gifts, 200 blankets delivered to the needy
  • 1 year college education sponsored for 10 girls

1800 brown bag lunches prepared and delivered by the children of ACT to the needy in USA


  • ACT Foundation Australia volunteers to be part of Teddy Bear Picnic event with Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia in their endeavour to raise money for cancer kids.
  • ACT Foundation Australia donated non-perishable food items to Let’s Feed organisation.
  • ACT Foundation Australia organized several community programs and fundraising charity events in support of ‘Kids with Cancer foundation Australia’

The team also visited a community kitchen Sunday Meal program and donated 100 kg of non-perishable food items to the community kitchen.