ACT Celebrates Ammucare Day Globally

On 9th November, Ammucare Day, ACT Foundation centers worldwide, along with our sister organisation Ammucare initiated positive acts to spread love and kindness. The scope of activities cannot be compared with what is behind it – the message of pure love, which the world is thirsty of nowadays.

Here is an inspiring text by ACT South Africa team member, Sulosh Pillay

“This is a very special day in our calendar for ACT foundation and its founder, Mohanji, inspired by the Soul of our Baby Girl Ammu. Ammu was a beautiful child who had the ability to brighten lives wherever she went. Born on the 9th of November 1995, she left this world on 23rd August 2000 in a tragic truck accident. She was a beautiful child who left this world by the age 5, which is a testimony of how pure she was. While living she touched a lot of lives quite positively. She brought happiness and smiles to so many faces and spread unconditional love, which was quite unfathomable to many conditioned lives around. The Ammu story… Was this the end? Was this the beginning? Well for us it is a Journey that we lovingly travel! The theme for Ammucare became – Unconditional Love and Care. Her soul set us in motion to make a difference in people’s lives globally. We in South Africa decided that in addition to honoring this day we will dedicate this month to RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!

Today both teams as well as our team members from the other provinces will go out and do something in our community. In Durban, we continue throughout the month and after of course! We will culminate on 23rd November to go out and make a real difference! Let’s BE the change that the world has been seeking through our acts of kindness to help create a future of promise and hope! Know that small acts are really big acts of kindness that change the world one person at a time!!! The Intention is for everyone that would like to take part to go out and do something for someone, human or animal group that are in need, just for the sake of action without expecting anything in return, and for free! Examples: A smile, a hug, clothes, food or shampoo or toothpaste (because sometimes just to wash your hair and brush your teeth can make you feel like you are born again) just plain helping someone out and just because, obligation free!! Have fun giving just because and come back and share!! We salute the universe who inspires us into selfless love.”

Our ACT South Africa Team member in Johannesburg Milica Bulatovic lovingly shared,

“We have marked Ammu’s birthday today by visiting Irwins Dog shelter and in the name of ACT. We brought some food and treats for dogs and medicine for one lovely dog Mona Lisa. It was lovely to be there and we are looking forward in helping Irwins in future as they were forced to move to new premises. We are also happy to say that we are in process of adopting this lovely dog in the picture named Mouse!”

Our ACT South Africa Durban Team say,
” We spent a heart wrenching morning at the Sarva Dharma Ashram in Welbedacth, Chatsworth. Words cannot describe the atmosphere. Hundreds of needy children from this poverty stricken area piled into the ashram early in the morning. We had the great pleasure of serving them breakfast. Then the most magnificent thing happened. There unfolded a symphony of bhajans and devotional songs sung by little kids. The auditorium was flooded with grace and devotion from these childen. The energy was palpable. We are so privileged to have spent the morning with these souls that are so close to god. For the little that we gave them, they gave us the most beautiful rendition of some moving songs. Thank you Ammu and Mohanji for making this day possible. We are forever changed by the purity and devotion displayed by these children.”


ACT Macedonia celebrated Ammu’s birthday, (AMMUCARE DAY) with the children from the orphanage ”11th October”. Little angels enjoyed the presents and juice, and their smiles melted the hearts of the team. Angelic innocence and purity of Ammu radiated through the eyes of the children. It was a wonderful experience, says Zoran from ACT Macedonia Team…


Our ACT Serbia Team happened to be with Biba Mohan, the president of ACT. Biba says,

“The birthday of Ammu was celebrated in a most loving way in Novi Sad, Serbia today – through a joyous ACT of kindness at the Children’s Shelter ‘Svratiste’. We delivered a yummy cake, toys, games, bags, snacks, apples, clothes, etc. to children who simply showered us with joy and love from the moment when we stepped into their humble abode.
The joy reflected in their eyes was the highest of rewards – one of those rare moments when our highest nature – pure, unconditional Love – is reflected back to us.
Pictures speak better than words…”