ACT family celebrating globally ACT/Ammucare Day 2017

ACT Serbia and ACT UK – joint initiative on ACT/Ammucare Day, 9 Nov 2017

Celebrating the ACT/Ammucare Day 2017, ACT Serbia and ACT UK (Mohanji ACT Foundation) team members joined forces in providing bigger food and hygiene packets, along with clothing and toys to 50 needy families in Zitiste, Serbia. It was a beautiful day filled with joy and gratitude. A mountain of aid vanished in no time as the needy families happily received their packets and choose toys and clothes for their family members. Our team members also visited a home of one of the needy families of nine living way below subsistence levels. They were treated with extra toys, aid, cuddles and smiles. Upon seeing their life conditions, ACT Serbia team committed to fundraise for a washing machine and a new stove for this sweet family after the mother of eight shared the difficulties they face on daily basis.

The charity initiative finished with a visit to Zitiste Municipality where we learned about all the challenges that Municipality and EHO (Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization) face in helping the needy families improve and transform their lives. After learning about the vacuum between the procedural preconditions for receiving government aid and the reality of most of needy families, ACT team committed to filling that gap and providing aid directly to the needy families. ACT intends to provide aid upon requirement in terms of individual, ad hoc initiatives, as well as the long-term empowerment projects.

This charity initiative ended with a feeling of great fulfillment and joy of being in a position to serve effectively. ACT Serbia team looks forward to all the future adventures!


ACT Macedonia

In celebration of 2017 ACT Day, the volunteers of ACT Macedonia prepared warm vegan meals for around 60 homeless people and other people in need. This is a regular initiative of providing food to needy in Macedonia, happening once a month. We are grateful and blessed to be able to help those poor people who are starving on the streets.

ACT South Africa

ACT South Africa teams celebrated ACT/Ammucare Day through several charity initiatives. The main project was aid to an old age home in one of the worst parts of the city. Many ACT members came together and visited old people that seemed like forgotten by most.
We have identified in advance Old Age Home in Hillbrow called Tswelopele, which is in real need of help. It is well run by management but simply hasn’t got enough money and donations to run it the way they could.

Tswelopele Old Age Home in Hillbrow received a wheelchair, automatic bath lift for disabled, cleaning products to last for a month, toiletries in large amounts as well as toilet paper, fruit and dry food, blankets, adult nappies and much more.
ACT team served tea and coffee with biscuits and cakes and fruit. This is extremely rare and people were so grateful asking us to come again. Management was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe what they received and we have agreed on coming again soon.
100 people live in this old age home and most are abandoned and have nobody to take care of them. It is an old building, like a deserted hospital, and they don’t go out at all.

After this visit we went to a nearby shelter for teenage girls and served lunch for street children.
Lunch was sponsored by Shelter and packets of fruit and cakes were given to all mothers with small children.

Other charity initiatives by ACT  South Africa on ACT Day 2017 were as follows:
Randburg center made 100  sandwiches for Rifelwe community and 50 sandwiches for Bourdeux school children that don’t get food most of the day. Also amazing snacks were made for old age home.

Pretoria/ Centurion
101 lunches were served for most needy of a meal

Cape/Knysna children volunteered in a primary school today in remembrance of Ammu

ACT South Africa team from Durban celebrated ACT/Ammucare Day 2017 and  Angel Ammu’s legacy by serving 315 children at Mahatma – the treat included a hot meal, sports equipment, blankets food hampers to the very poor families. We also decided to give each educator and the support staff a gift for their commitment to our future leaders, our children! Blessed to be in a position to serve!

Stanger/ Natal
Dinner was cooked and serve in Othendweni children’s orphanage. Sweets and juice were served as well and clothes donated.

On November 9th, 2017 ACT Canada team celebrated the day of ACT by donating blood, the priceless gift of life. Mohanji always teaches us how fulfilling Unconditional Service can be. ACT Canada team celebrated ACT DAY on November 11th as well, by preparing 150 sandwiches and  offering them amongst the needy in the wee hours of Saturday morning at -10 degree Temperature, sharing the warmth of Love. Volunteers woke up early and made sure that service was at its best performance, truly adding value to others’ life – through ACTs of KINDNESS, LOVE, COMPASSION , GIVING, and true surrender.
With love, ACT Canada team

In conclusion, it was one of the most special days ever in service. Everyone felt the most incredible and loving energy around and was left humbled. Our hearts are full that so many people received special attention and what they needed most.
We are so grateful to Ammu and Mohanji for giving us the opportunity and teaching us  to serve selflessly. Only then life is really worth it.